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Department Goals

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of their studies, Fine Arts students will demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

Visual Art Courses
1. Students will gain an understanding of the role of art in historical context.
2. Students will develop visual literacy skills by learning to decipher visual symbols and contextual clues.
3. Students will identify commonalities and differences between Western and non-Western forms of visual expression.
4. Students will demonstrate techniques of visual expression.

Assessment Methodology
1. Students will create two-dimensional work that exhibits an understanding of the use of symbols.
2. Students will incorporate images from cultures studies into art projects, discussions, exams and research.
3. Students will create studio drawing, painting and design portfolios.

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Visual Art Drawing Courses
1. Object drawing: contour. Students will gain the ability to observe and draw outlines of simple and complex objects, singly and in groups.
2. Students will demonstrate a recognition of color wheels, adjacent and complements grids, perspectives and directional lighting.
3. Students will demonstrate the ability to do practices and constructions is artworks.

Assessment Methodology
1. Students participate in class critiques, exams, and technique demonstrations.

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Music Courses
1. Students will demonstrate an awareness of chronology of period styles.
2. Students will develop the ability to recognize instruments and dynamics.
3. Students will develop an understanding of notation – clefs, keys, meters, rhythms, tempo and markings.

Assessment Methodology
1. Students participate in lectures, demonstrations and exams.
2. Students utilize listening and theory to create a one-minute composition.

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