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Department Goals

Learning Outcomes
1) Awareness and practice of basic skills, vocabulary, and aesthetics of fine art to achieve visual literacy and thinking in a range of academic disciplines.

2) Conceive, design, realize, and assess artworks through technical proficiency, understanding of the relationship between form and content, and knowledge of artistic theory and practice.

3) By reconsidering familiar ways of thinking, develop creativity and original thinking in the critical analysis of art culminating in a successful capstone project.

4) Engage in effective critique of personal work, peer contributions, and installations while fostering respect and active collaboration.

5) Develop and utilize verbal and written communication to describe, analyze, critique, and theorize works of art.

6) Think critically about issues of value, representation, hierarchy, and power that influence contemporary understandings of what constitutes art in a variety of cultural circumstances by reading, discussing, and engaging with a range of methodologies and theory.

7) Recognize major figures and movements in the history of art and understand their relevance to current practices of art within a global context.

8) Foster growth in the arts through outreach in a diversity of communities to foster ethical leadership, civic engagement, and cultural competence.