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School of Professional and Graduate Studies Tuition and Fees


Undergraduate Programs
    Summer Session $ 370 per credit hour 
    Winter Intersession $ 370 per credit hour 
    Non-credit Courses $ 370 per course
    Chemistry Lab Fee $  50 per course
    Biology Lab Fee $  50 per course
    UFT Undergraduate Courses $ 645 per course
Accelerated Nursing Program
    Full-Time Tuition (per term) Cohort 2013-2014 $11,450
                                               Cohort 2014-2015 $11,650
    Technology Fee:
        Full-Time (minimum 12 credits) $ 400 ($200 per term)
        Part-Time (fewer than 12 credits) $ 200 ($100 per term)
    Professional Test Preparation Fee $ 115 (per term)
    Academic Support Services Fee:
        Full-Time $ 560 ($280 per term)
        Part-Time $ 300 ($150 per term)
Graduate Programs
    Per credit hour, graduate $ 735
    Nursing 600 $ 735
    Clinical Fee $ 200 per clinical course
Graduate UFT Courses $ 645 per course
Graduate Rockland Courses $ 645 per course
Special Fees
    Graduation Fee $250
    Late Tuition Payment (per month) $ 75
    Late Registration $ 75
    Registration Cancellation Fee $ 50
    Replacement Student ID $ 25
    Transcript Fee (10 business days) $  5
    Transcript Fee (2-3 business days) $ 20
    Transcript Fee (same day before 3:00 PM) $ 40
    Duplicate Diploma $ 40
    Returned Check Fee $100
    Parking Permit (Graduate & Continuing Education) $ 40 annually
    Parking Permit (summer session only) $ 10

Financial Aid

Full or part-time matriculated graduate students may be eligible for the following awards:

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)
Available to full-time students who have been legal residents of New York State for at least one year. Amounts are based on a family’s New York State net taxable income. Applications are available through the College’s Financial Aid Office.

Stafford Student Loans (formerly Guaranteed Student Loans)
Available to full or part-time students. Eligibility for these loans is determined by filing a Financial Aid Form. Applications for Stafford Student Loans are available at local banks. 

Students are urged to begin the process of filing applications at least four months prior to the start of the semester for which aid is sought.

For further information please contact:
    Office of Financial Aid 
    College of Mount Saint Vincent 
    6301 Riverdale Avenue 
    Riverdale, New York 10471-1093 
    (718) 405-3289

Professional Nurse Traineeship Program
Available to full-time students who are able to complete the program within one year. Information may be obtained from the Director of Nursing.

Lab Assistants
Each year a number of lab positions are available to qualified graduate nursing students. These positions are offered on the basis of previous academic performance, the applicability of individual skills and the availability of funding. Applications are made to the Director/Chair of the Graduate Program. 

Payment Responsibilities
I. Regular Payment Plan
This plan allows for a single payment covering the full cost of tuition and fees, and, if applicable, room and board. The payment for the fall semester is due on or about August 8th; payment for the spring semester is due on or about January 11th.

II. Deferred Payment Plan
Payment Plans are available through Tuition Management Systems. They offer various plans. For more information, call 1 (800) 722-4867 x785.

III. Deferred Payment Plan - Agency/Institution (subject to change)

This plan allows for delayed payment of tuition. 

To qualify, the agency must do the following each term:
1. provide a letter stating eligibility for tuition reimbursement along with the percentage or dollar amount; and
2. upon receipt of the student’s transcript (grade) for the term, the agency must remit the tuition within two weeks.

If the agency does not cover all tuition costs, at the time of registration, the student will be expected to pay the difference, in addition to the registration fee and/or clinical fees.