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The Centennial Society

The Centennial Society was launched in Fall 2012 to acknowledge the generosity of alumnae/i and friends who intend to make an estate (legacy) gift to the College. Below is a list of individuals who have confirmed or shared their legacy plans with us. We thank those who support the College of Mount Saint Vincent’s legacy.  

Current Centennial Society Members

Anonymous (15)
Patricia Halpin Albo ‘71 and James Albo
Colette F. Atkins
Cecilia Favorini Balog ‘66
Barbara A. Battalino ‘66
Luise F. Bethencourt ‘62
Elizabeth R. Brown ‘68
Kathleen P. Butler ‘74
Katherine M. Christie ‘59
Mary Agnes Christie ‘60
Gail Vance Civille ‘65
Helen Higgins Clausen ‘48
Margaret Mitty Conroy ‘49
Rita C. Conyers ‘69
Theresa Paterniani Cooper ‘59
Noreen M. Culhane ‘72
Helen Stafford Curry ‘35
Fayne McGrath Daniels ‘52
Joan E. Donovan ‘48
Kathryn Swintek Dorra ‘74 
Andrea C. Drake ‘60
Maureen L. Evans ‘58
Charles L. Flynn, Jr.
Doriana R. Fontanella ‘78
Jeannine Mally Glazewski ‘72
Ellen Riesz Green ‘69
Nancy Haley
Linda L. .Heimerdinger ‘64
Ann Selinger Henegan ‘49
Helen Hanrahan Kelly ‘45
Joan M. Kennedy ‘48
Joan Evelyn Kinlan ‘65 
Catherine Forte Lanza ‘69
Leona L. Leo ‘63
Patricia Mecking Liptrot ‘52
Mary Anne Litell  ‘68
Alice J. Longman ‘51 
Jean Capestro Loubriel ‘53
Loretta Arfi Malaspina ‘63
Michelle A. Mally ‘70
Dorothy Mullins Meyer ‘57
Victoria Lickers Mitchell ‘77
Marilyn J. Molter ‘66 
Donna M. Murphy ‘57
Barbara A. Patocka ‘68
Dahlia Napolitano Penachio ‘58
Jane Tully Porter ‘43
Virginia Curran Rederer ‘55
Elizabeth J. Rock ‘46
Kathryn Glennon Ryan ‘51
June Elaine Saal ‘46
Valerie C. Scanlon ‘68
Gertrude Angela Schlachter ‘35
Kathryn Shaker Sperrazzo ‘48
Marie D. Thomas ‘75
Jeanne Havenden Tobin ‘54
Joan Klintworth Walsh ‘49
Joanne Marona Wuest ‘51 

Centennial Society Members Receive

  •  Exclusive invitations to events and programs at the Mount. View Special Events
  •  Recognition in our Annual Report and other publications
We recognize that many legacy gift donors wish to remain anonymous. If you would like to include the Mount in your estate plan but prefer not to be publicly acknowledged, the College is happy to honor your wish and maintain your confidentiality. 

If you wish to become a member of the Centennial Society or discuss ways to include the College of Mount Saint Vincent in your estate plan, please contact us. We are happy to help match your interests and aspirations with the needs of the Mount, and facilitate your significant long-term impact.

Join the Centennial Society

Centennial Society Booklet 2013 Download the
Centennial Society 2013 Booklet
Centennial Society Membership Response Download the
Centennial Society Membership Response

To get started or to ask any questions, please contact Colette Atkins at (718) 405-3744 or