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NYS Certification
New York State Certification

Prior to program completion students must document completion of 12 credits in a foreign language(s) or sign language. Undergraduate/ Graduate coursework or equivalent credit on CLEP or NYU Proficiency will be accepted.

Students who successfully complete this graduate program in TESOL and pass the requisite teacher certification content specialty examination will:

1. fulfill the academic requirements for New York State initial certification in TESOL
2. be recommended to New York State for initial certification in TESOL K-12
Candidates will be informed of the certification process prior to program completion.

All courses in the education program are evaluated with letter grades. The Pass/Fail distinction is use only with the final comprehensive exam.

Degree and Exit Requirements
The Master of Science in TESOL is a 30 credit curriculum consisting of both professional and skills-based clinically-oriented courses. One supervised practicum in TESOL will be fulfilled at the candidate’s current teaching location. The additional level of supervised practicum will be carried out in a level appropriate after-school, weekend, or summer ESL program. A comprehensive examination is the culminating assessment for this course of study.