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Program Philosophy

The Master of Science Program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at the College of Mount Saint Vincent is designed to prepare prospective teachers of English language learners from Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 who wish to work in a variety of public, private, suburban, and rural settings. Candidates holding initial certification in a discipline other than TESOL fulfill the academic requirements for professional certification in that area while simultaneously fulfilling the academic requirements for initial certification in TESOL.

The curriculum provides a strong foundation in both first and second language acquisition with discrete focus on the acquisition of English in particular. By addressing the linguistic, cognitive, psychological, cultural and sociological realities of English language learners, future elementary, middle and high school teachers of English as a second language are professionally empowered to educate a diverse group of learners, thereby adding a very necessary certification to those already offered at the College.

Students educated in the M.S. in TESOL Program will become sensitized to language acquisition issues throughout their course of study, identifying those issues as they relate to their respective personal language learning experiences and to those of their classmates and prospective students. The faculty aspires that students acquire an understanding of the relationship between language, culture and learning so as to develop the skills to effectively serve English language learners in a variety of settings.