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Program Outcomes

1. Articulate a philosophy of nursing which reflects a commitment to the development of self
and others and the advancement of the nursing profession.

2. Demonstrate critical thinking in advanced nursing practice.

3. Design research proposals and participate in the implementation of research.

4. Evaluate theoretical and research knowledge from nursing, the sciences, and humanities for
its application to advanced nursing practice.

5. Design, implement, and evaluate nursing strategies based upon clinical knowledge.

6. Demonstrate ability to communicate in a scholarly manner.

7. Evaluate ethical and legal issues affecting advanced nursing practice and health care.

8. Demonstrate leadership in approaching clinical and professional problems and issues.

9. Generate collaborative and consultative relationships with health-care providers and
consumers to achieve health care goals of multi-cultural populations.

10. Propose, implement, and evaluate strategies that contribute to improvement of health care
delivery and influence health care policy.