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Advanced Certificate Programs

The College of Mount Saint Vincent offers Advanced Certification Programs in the following specialties:

Family Nurse Practitioner
This program provides, for the nurse who holds a Masters’ degree in Nursing, the opportunity to acquire an in-depth theoretical understanding of advanced nursing practice with individuals and will be eligible to sit for the American Nurses Credentialing Center and the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner examinations.

Nurse Educator
This New York State Education Department approved program provides, for the nurse who holds a Masters’ degree in Nursing or a Health related area, the opportunity to acquire an in-depth theoretical understanding of the nurse educator role and preparation to function as a nurse educator, specifically faculty and staff development roles. Graduates will have successfully achieved the program outcomes for nurse educator, which are congruent with the National League for Nursing core competencies for nurse educators.

Admission Requirements

  • Completion of Master of Science in Nursing
  • Current registered nurse license
  • One year of recent professional nursing practice
  • Completion of application with fee, reference and official college transcript
  • Interview with the Graduate Program Coordinator
Advanced Certificate Program Curricula

Family Nurse Practitioner | Nurse Educator
Gainful Employment Information

Family Nurse Practitioner

Year I
NURS 531 Advanced Health Assessment 3 credits
3 credits
NURS 530 Advanced Pathophysiology 3 credits
NURS 532 Advanced Pharmacophysiology 3 credits
6 credits
Year II
NURS 650 Advanced Practice Theory I 3 credits
NURS 651 Advanced Practice Seminar/Practicum II 3 credits
6 credits
NURS 652 Advanced Practice Theory II 3 credits
NURS 653 Advanced Practice Seminar/ Practicum 3 credits
6 credits
Year III
NURS 656 Family Nurse Practitioner Theory 3 credits
NURS 657 Family Nurse Practitioner Seminar/Practicum 3 credits
6 credits
Total Credits: 27

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Nurse Educator
Fall or Spring: Semester I
NURS 661 Theories of Learning 2 credits
NURS 662 The Teaching Learning Process 3 credits
Fall or Spring: Semester II
NURS 664 Curriculum and Course Development 2 credits
NURS 665 The Use of Technology to Teach 2 credits
Fall or Spring: Semester III
NURS 721 Teaching Practicum for the Nurse Educator 3 credits

Total Credits: 12

NOTE: The Nurse Educator Advanced Certificate Program, as presented above, does not include the full required coursework for national certification. To sit for the national certification exam, students must have a course in Advanced Health Assessment, Advanced Pathophysiology, and Advanced Pharmacophysiology.

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