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Degree Requirements

All courses in the education program are evaluated with letter grades. The Pass/Fail distinction is used only with the final comprehensive exam.

Degree and Exit Requirements
The Graduate Program in Education at the College of Mount Saint Vincent offers
intensive study in urban and multicultural education and issues. The curriculum consists of 30 credits: nine credits in Foundation studies; a professional core of twelve credits in instructional methodology as applied to urban and multicultural issues and settings; and nine credits of concentration in one of four areas-Special Education, Middle Level Education, English as a Second Language, and Instructional Technology and Global Perspectives.

All students are required to pass a comprehensive examination. Students take this examination at the completion of the program and must register at least four months before the published test administration date.

Exit Criteria
A student who successfully completes all academic and professional requirements will be recommended by the Teacher Education Department for permanent New York State
certification in the areas of first certification. Academic requirements include completion of all courses with the prescribed grades and grade point average. Professional requirements include demonstration of affective behaviors appropriate to the profession.

These requirements for permanent certification are applicable to candidates who have received provisional certification before February 2, 2004. Students who received New York State Initial Certification after February 2, 2004 in Childhood (1-6) or Childhood with a Grade 7-9 extension in a content area will be academically eligible for Professional certification after successful completion of the MS program. 

Other Admission Policies
Those individuals who do not meet the program requirements for unqualified admission
may petition to complete the degree for purposes of professional development. Permission of the Department Chairperson is required. Petitions may be granted or denied at the discretion of the Chairperson.

Please also note that students granted such permission and admitted into the program without New York State Certification are responsible for fulfilling all requirements on their own, directly through the New York State Department of Education. While the College of Mount Saint Vincent and the Graduate Program are willing to assist and advise individuals as needed, the College will not be responsible for recommending such an individual for New York State Certification.

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