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Program Philosophy

The Master of Science in Urban and Multicultural Education is a values-centered program reflecting the belief that learning and culture are inseparable, as are relationships among learner, teacher, environment, and purpose for learning. Educators need to understand the cultures of all children, adolescents, and families through conscientious study and personal interaction. Accordingly, educators must have the appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to teach effectively in all school systems, especially in metropolitan area systems where the populations are more culturally diverse.

Consistent with the College mission, the Graduate Program is based on a belief in commitment to service, especially to diverse populations. All young learners have the right to an education appropriate to their individual needs and an education that acknowledges their culture, race, socioeconomic background, and the language of their home.

Graduate education serves to provide teachers with opportunities to pursue academic excellence and professional leadership. This program in Urban and Multicultural Education prepares teachers to assume leadership positions as knowledgeable practitioners who can provide productive learning environments in multicultural and multilingual classrooms and schools.

The Graduate program is designed to allow part-time students to pursue and complete their graduate studies typically within two years. Accelerated study is possible based on course offerings and the academic status of the student.