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Management and Organizational Behavior
This concentration focuses on organizational issues that often determine the effectiveness or the failure of an organization’s programs and operations. Courses investigate the impact of a number of influences on organizational process, such as the current expansion of Diversity within organizations, and the heightened focus today on Organizational Culture. Other courses study the objectives and effectiveness of programs designed to Manage Quality, and investigate the availability of useful tools for Managing the Process of Organizational Change. Leadership Development and the theories of Individual and Group Behavior in Organizations are also areas of advanced study.

The concentration would be appropriate for professionals in a variety of management or supervisory positions who seek to develop skills that will be useful in guiding the organizational processes that will determine success in the next decade.

Health Care Management
The concentration in Health Care Management will prepare students for general management positions in a variety of health care agencies, but especially for positions associated with the traditional business functions – such as financial control, human resource management, program marketing, public relations, quality control, customer relations, and budgeting. The conceptual basis of this concentration is the view that modern business influences, pressures, practices, and systems are increasingly becoming part of the fabric and structure of America’s health care community, and therefore, future leaders in this sector must bring to their careers sharpened skills in the traditional areas of business practice.

International Business
This concentration is intended primarily for persons in business careers who are interested in developing a broader understanding of the practices, structures and systems that determine the contours of global commerce today. It is especially appropriate for individuals who have established a career in a U.S. business organization, and want to become more involved in the organization’s foreign activities. The program would also be appropriate for foreign students who desire an American M.B.A. degree, but intend to use the knowledge gained through study in this country to advance their careers back home.