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Minors and Concentration

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Requirements for the Minor in History
The minor in history requires 18 course credits in history, selected in consultation with the Coordinator of the Minor in History, including:
  • History Core Course (HIST 201, 202, 203 or 214)
  • Three credits in U.S. History
  • Three credits in European History
  • Three credits in Global History
  • Six upper-level elective credits in history
Requirements for the Minor in Political Science 
The minor in Political Science requires 18 course credits, at least one of which must be a History course. At least one course must be taken in two of the other eligible disciplines, which include Business, Economics, Communications, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Integrated Classes, with at least 4 courses at the 300/400 level.

The minor contract should be approved by the Coordinator of the Minor in Political Science and signed no later than the start of the first semester of the junior year. 

Requirements for the Concentration in History 
The concentration in history for history majors requires 12 course credits. History majors will select a concentration in one of several available areas of history in consultation with their academic advisor.