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Change of Major and/or Minor

Upper class students wishing to declare or change their major area of study may do so at any time during the academic year by completing process outlined on the Declaration or Change of Major/Minor form which is available on the College of Mount Saint Vincent - Office of the Registrar's Commonly Used forms page.  

In order for students to declare a minor, they must meet with the Department Chairperson of that academic discipline to discuss the specific requirements necessary to complete the Minor Contract. The Declaration of Major/Minor form and Minor contract must be completed in order to complete the process. 

Since all Freshmen students have chosen their intended academic major upon admission to the College, they will remain with that major and advisor until the advisement/registration period of the Spring semester. At that time, freshmen students will have the opportunity to formally declare or change their major and will be assigned to a faculty advisor in the new area of study.