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Service Trip to Guatemala

Second Annual Service Trip to Guatemala 
March 11 - 18, 2012

The trip to Guatemala was life changing. Seeing the simple ways the people live and realizing how lucky we are at home puts a new perspective on your everyday,” says Kristen Conti.

She and classmates Kaitlyn Libraro, Karen O’Connor and Paola Soler spent their Spring Break giving inoculations, weighing babies and attending to patient’s health needs in Guatemala. Sr. Cecilia Harriendorf, Director of the Campus Ministry Office, accompanied the students to Guatemala as well as coordinated the event for CMSV.  Other activities included presentations on the history of health care of women and children and a visit to the Sister Barbara Ford Peace Center in Santa Cruz.

Students also found time to shop at a colorful Mayan market at one of Central America’s most beautiful places, Lake Atitlan and spent time with Guatemala’s most precious resource  -  its beautiful children.

“Our trip to Guatemala will forever be an unforgettable experience,” says Paola Soler. “The lives that we touched in turn touched ours.

 Service Trip to Guatemala 2012
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