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Julianne L. Imperato-McGinley

Julianne L. Imperato-McGinley is recognized as one of this nation’s finest endocrinologists. After graduating from the College of Mount Saint Vincent she entered the State University of New York Downstate College of Medicine, earned the M.D., and began a career as a medical researcher in endocrinology. 

In the 1970’s, she learned of a remote village in the Dominican Republic in which one group of people all appeared female at birth but developed into males at puberty.  Additionally suggestive, none of these men ever developed prostate problems.  There she began pioneering research that helps to explain the biological mechanisms of identity and personality. She was able to define the role of male hormones in normal human development.  Her research directly led to the first medical therapy to remedy prostate enlargement, and subsequently (much to the joy of middle aged men everywhere) to the first treatment for male-pattern baldness.  She related studies in androgen physiology and was the first to challenge the widely held view that gender is socially acquired and are now considered classic.

Today she is the Principal Investigator and Director for the largest federal research grant ever awarded to the Weil Cornell Medical College.  There, she serves as Associate Dean for Translational Research and Education and is known for telling your students, “You have to think because sometimes the disease doesn’t read the textbook.”   She has authored more than 130 papers in peer-reviewed journals.  Much of her research is included as standard fare in textbooks on endocrinology, psychology and urology, and she is ranked among the world’s most respected medical researchers.   

Julianne was an Ad Laudem Dei honoree 2008.