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Department Goals
Department Statement of Purpose and Learning Outcomes
Communication is a social process which creates human identities, relationships, institutions, and society. The Communication Department, contextualized within the liberal arts tradition of the College of Mount Saint Vincent, provides a foundation in the theories and practices of various communication fields such as media studies; interpersonal, intercultural, and organizational communication; advertising and public relations; digital media; video production; journalism; film studies; performance studies; and research in communication.

These ever-evolving fields of communication engage both social scientific and humanistic approaches to understanding human behavior and culture. The Communication Department facilitates students in their ability to think critically and creatively, to integrate theory and practice, to develop a strong work ethic, to gain professional expertise and confidence, and to encourage the ethic of treating self, others, and society with dignity and respect. All communication students are challenged to excel and will become competent as writers, speakers, visual designers, and critical thinkers.

Department Learning Outcomes  
1) Theoretical, Critical, and Historical Approaches: Students will demonstrate the ability to think analytically about contemporary and historical issues in media studies and human communication.
2) Speaking: Students will demonstrate the ability to research, organize, and deliver an effective oral presentation.
3) Writing: Students will demonstrate the ability to research, organize, and write articles and papers in a variety of styles.
4) Visual Communication: Students will demonstrate visual literacy through the ability to understand symbolism, aesthetics, and composition.
5) Career Preparation: Students will demonstrate the ability to obtain and perform a position in the communication industry.