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College of Mount Saint Vincent Celebrates Darwin in Style
1/29/2009 - Dr. Eugene Cittadino, NYU professor of historical biology and Darwinian thought, will be the guest speaker for Charles Darwin: The Life and Times of a Revolutionary Thinker on February 12, Darwin’s birthday.  The lecture is the first in a series of events which includes panel presentations, guest speakers, and a movie night celebrating the works of Darwin. Several academic departments are collaborating in organizing on-campus events to celebrate the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth and his theory of evolution.

This first event will highlight Darwin’s achievements, his influences, and the events that led to the development of his theories. It will take place at the College of Mount Saint Vincent at 5:00 p.m. in the President’s Reception Room.

"Darwin's theory of evolution radically changed our view of nature and of the origin of complex biological design" says Dr. Ioanna Visviki, Associate Professor of Biology. "It serves as the cornerstone of modern biology and is an important theory for geology, anthropology and archaeology. The impact can be seen beyond the natural sciences in the areas of psychology, economics, literature, philosophy, arts and media, computer simulation and artificial intelligence."

The lecture series will explore the influence of the theory of evolution on various disciplines such as natural sciences, social sciences, arts, literature, and theology. Each event will discuss different aspects of Darwin’s theories that influenced biology, psychology, technology, literature, economics, and religion and will be led by a professor of expertise. 

The College will hold three additional lectures during the spring semester in the Science Hall room 101. Everything you Wanted to Know about Evolution and you Were Afraid to Ask will be moderated by Dr. Visviki, on March 5. The Arrival of the Fittest will be led by Dr. James Fabrizio, Associate Professor of Biology, on April 2 and Dr. Eileen Brady, Professor of Psychology, will lead The World According to XX and XY on April 23.  The events will be ongoing throughout the year and open to the public. 

The College library will host exhibits that reflect the lecture/panel topic offered each month. Professors hope to foster discussions within the general public and increase understanding of Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

For more information, please contact Ioanna Visviki at