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Course Recommendations
Since there is no formal pre-law major, the list of courses below is recommended for all students matriculated in a traditional major who plan to study law after graduation.
The courses listed are part of the required Core at The College of Mount Saint Vincent; or are electives offered at the College.  Most of these courses can be accommodated in any one of the traditional liberal arts majors.
 Department  Courses  Credits
 English  Advanced Wrting  3
   Literature*  6
 Mathematics  Statistics  4
   Calculus (level dependent on background)  3
 Modern Language  Through the intermediate level*  6 or 12
 History  U.S. History (incl. in the History major or minor)  6
   Dynamics of U.S. Politics  3
   Constitutional Law  3
   Comparative Politics  3
 Sociology  Race & Ethnicity  3
   Globalization & Inequality  3
   Criminology  3
   Sociology of Deviance  3
   Criminal Law and Society  3
   Criminal Justice Administration  3
 Accounting  Elementary Accounting I & II  6
 Economics  Core: Economics*  3
 Philosophy  Logic  3
   Ethics  3
 Communication  Effective Speech  3

*Included in Core

Note: Students who wish to gain entrance to Law School should have good academic grades, a broad background of extracurricular activities and relatively high LSAT scores.