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Requirements for the Minor in International Studies
1. The Minor in International Studies is 18 course credits.

2. One course must be in Modern Languages and Literatures, in addition to the 6-credit core curriculum requirement. This can be any 200- or 300-level language or culture course, according the students' needs.

3. Five additional courses must be taken in the eligible disciplines, which include  Business and Economics, Communications, English, Fine Arts, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Philosophy/Religious Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Teacher Education, and Integrated Courses.

4. At least one course must be in Business and Economics, and one in History.

5. No more than two courses can be taken in any one discipline.

6. At least four of the courses must be at the 300/400 level.

7. A minimum grade of “C” is required for credit in each of the six courses.

8. A maximum of six credits is accepted from courses that have been taken to satisfy requirements in a student's Major or Minor, or in the core curriculum.

9. A Minor contract must be approved by the Coordinator(s) of the Minor in International Studies.