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Interdisciplinary Project
In addition to the required courses listed below, students must complete a hands-on or creative interdisciplinary project at some point during the minor, under the guidance of the performing arts advisor. This project could take one of three forms: a portfolio, a practicum in theatre, or an internship.

1. A Portfolio of dramatic writing, of the student’s own taped dramatic performances, or videos of programs, which they have written or directed, along with a process log that comments on their dramatic work.

2. A Practicum in Theatre would be a structured and reflective involvement in a production of the student drama group, the CMSV Players. The Practicum in Theatre would require that the students:
(a) sign a contract outlining their projected involvement with an on-campus production
(b) meet with the performing arts advisor at several points during the production schedule
(c) produce a log and paper which chronicles and analyzes their role in the production.

The student’s grade will be assigned by the minor advisor. It would be based on the log (accounting for 1/3 of grade), paper (1/3), and the quality of the student’s participation in the CMSV Players production (1/3). The participation grade would be arrived at through consultation between the on-site supervisor (in this case, the production’s director), and the minor advisor, who will serve as the faculty member of record. It should be noted that signing a contract to participate in a CMSV Player’s production does not grant any special status or provide any advantage in auditions. Casting and involvement in the production is at the discretion of the director and the CMSV Players. A student actor who chooses the Practicum option, but who is not cast in the production, must either participate in the production in some other capacity, audition for the next semester’s production, or complete one of the other interdisciplinary projects. For this reason, it would be advisable to sign up for the Theatre Practicum by the first semester of the Junior year.

3. An Internship with a theatre, film or performing arts organization or production.
Communication or English students, who are completing an internship in a
performing arts organization to fulfill their Major requirements, may not count the
Major’s internship toward fulfillment of the minor. Such a student would have to
choose between the Portfolio or “Practicum in Theatre” options to fulfill the
interdisciplinary requirement of the minor.