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The Minor Requirements are as follows:

I. Core (6 credits):
ENGL 314    Drama OR
ENGL 303    Creative Writing: Drama AND
COMM 321   Acting: Basic Techniques OR
COMM 416    Directing/Acting II

II. Cognates (9 credits):
One course from each of the following categories must be selected:

English (3 credits)
ENGL 314    Drama
ENGL 303    Shakespeare
ENGL 217    Advanced Writing: Narrative
ENGL 301    Creative Writing: Drama
ENGL 297 or 421   Selected Topics Courses

Communication (3 credits)
COMM 321    Acting: Basic Techniques
COMM 416    Directing/Acting II
COMM 315    Scriptwriting for Film
COMM 316    Scriptwriting for TV and Radio
COMM 208    Video Production
COMM 308    Television Production
COMM 370 or 470   Selected Topics Courses

Fine Arts (3 credits)
ART 117    Foundations of Design
ART 427    Topics in Studio
ART 109    Jazz Dance
ART 111    Dance Movement
ART 436    Selected Topics Course

III. The Interdisciplinary Project (3 credits)
Chosen from one of the following options: a portfolio of the student’s work, a practicum
in theatre, or an internship at a film or performing arts organization. See above for a
detailed description of these options.