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Performing Arts
The Interdisciplinary Minor in the Performing Arts permits students to draw on and combine the resources of three departments, Communication, English, and Fine Arts, for a minor in the field of performing arts. The minor provides students interested in theatre and the performing arts a visible track to follow within the college, an opportunity to see their own creative work (written, design and performance) developed in a collaborative environment, and an academic credential which validates their commitment to the performing arts. The minor is open to all majors.

A student in the Performing Arts Interdisciplinary Minor would enter into a contract signed by the student, a Chairperson of one of the participating departments, and the minor advisor. The contract would list the courses the student will take and the interdisciplinary project (described below) the student will complete in fulfillment of the minor.

The minor consists of 18 credits in specified courses listed under the English, Communication, and Fine Arts departments. English courses include Drama (ENGL 314), Creative Writing: Drama (ENGL 300), Advanced Writing: Narrative (ENGL 217), Shakespeare (ENGL 303), and other topics courses as a literary backbone. The Communication major offers Acting: Basic Techniques (COMM 321), Directing/Acting II (COMM 416), Scriptwriting for Film (COMM 315), and Video Production (COMM 208), among others, that would offer the practical application of writing and directing skills in the production of plays, or teleplays for academic recognition.

For the third component of the minor, Fine Arts offers courses geared towards the Performing Arts. Courses in Fine Arts which teach principles applicable to scenic design and production begin with Foundations of Design (ART 117). Topics in Studio (ART 427) and Topics in Art (ART 436) involve multimedia projects and performing arts such as music. Movement courses such as Jazz Dance (ART 109) and Dance (ART111) explore the body as an expressive medium.