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MAJOR: Students in all programs complete one of the relevant academic majors as described in this catalogue. Students in the 7-12 adolescence program major in one of the subject areas: Biology, Chemistry, English, French, History, Mathematics, or Spanish.

LIBERAL ARTS MAJOR: A student who desires to pursue a career in Early Childhood or Childhood Education may complete this program with a concentration in two, rather than one area of study. Such a program enables the student to develop competence in disciplines related to teaching and to the student’s specific interests. The Liberal Arts major permits the student to design an individual course of study within the parameters defined by the Liberal Arts and Teacher Education advisors. A total of 36 credits, 18 from one subject area and 18 from another, is required. Twelve of the 18 credits must be in upper level courses. The Liberal Arts BA in General Science major is designed specifically for the student who wishes to major in the sciences while pursuing Early Childhood, Childhood or Dual (Childhood/Special Education).

Sample courses of study in the liberal arts major are: Biology/Sciences, Math/Science, Math/English, English/History, Spanish/English, Spanish/Math, Psychology/English, Sociology/History, Computer Science/English.