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Teacher Education
Philosophy and Goals of the Department of Teacher Education: Consistent with the mission of the College, the Department of Teacher Education aims to prepare teachers who possess values, knowledge, and skills required to teach effectively in their areas of professional development. The Education program aims to provide students with a firm knowledge foundation of various learning theories as exemplified in effective best practices. In addition, the department designs coursework that prepares teachers who are equipped to instruct in inclusion settings, which provide for students with various disabilities. Teacher candidates must demonstrate a commitment to all students regardless of difference. Courses in the liberal arts and in the profession, which include extensive and varied field experiences, prepare the new teacher for the ongoing challenges of education and society.

Program Objectives: A student who desires to receive MSV recommendation for New York State certification should demonstrate attainment of the stated objectives in accord with the program mission and with prescribed New York State Professional Standards.

1. Possess professionalism as demonstrated in practice that reflects strong character, positive values and ethical practice.

2. Demonstrate respect toward and collaborate effectively with students, parents, and professional   associates.

3. Possess knowledge of subject matter in the liberal arts, pedagogy and curriculum and demonstrate ability to communicate that knowledge to all students regardless of difference.

4. Know how to assess one’s own teaching as well as student learning and plan 
 curriculum and instruction to meet the learning needs of individual students.

5. Demonstrate the ability to utilize research, integrate information and technology and
    apply effective instruction in classrooms that are structured in a variety of ways.

6. Utilize effective class management skills in environments that are designed to support
 various learning styles.

The Teacher Education department offers teacher performance-based certification programs in one or more of several areas of education: Early Childhood (Birth - Grade 2); Childhood (Grades 1-6); Childhood and Ext. 7-9; Adolescence (Grades 7-12); Adolescence and 5-6 Ext. and dual programs in Special and General education (Grades 1-6 and 7-12).

All programs as listed have been approved by and registered with the New York State Education Department. The Department of Teacher Education is accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council.

Students may elect a four-year (BA) or five-year (BA and MS) program of study depending upon the choice of academic major.  Selection of fifth year program must be made by the second semester of junior year.
Students who satisfactorily complete the four-year program are eligible for College recommendation for New York State Initial Certification.  This certification enables students to qualify for teaching positions in New York State.  Students who satisfactorily complete the five-year program are eligible for College recommendation for New York State Initial Certification. In addition, they fulfill academic coursework requirements for New York State Professional certification. Students who complete the four and five year programs are also eligible for certification in other states according to the reciprocity agreements and requirements of the state.