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Students pursuing the B.A. degree choose two additional biology electives (six credits) and free electives totaling 20 credits. Students should use these free electives to either minor or concentrate in any of the humanities, social sciences or business disciplines. The BA  program in biology does not prepare students for medical/professional school, graduate studies in biology, or physical therapy programs unless other prerequisites are met.

Biology electives may be selected from any of the three categories of courses.

Structure Courses
Anatomy and Physiology I [BIOL 207]
Comparative Chordate Anatomy [BIOL 301]
Invertebrate Zoology [BIOL 304]
Histology [BIOL 401]

Function Courses
Anatomy and Physiology II [BIOL  208]
Microbiology and Human Disease [BIOL 211]
Plant Science [BIOL 305]
Cell Physiology [BIOL 319]
Systemic Physiology [BIOL 320]
Molecular Biology {BIOL 321]
Human Pathophysiology [BIOL  333]
Pharmacophysiology [BIOL 334]

Integration Courses
Developmental Biology [BIOL 302]
Biology Research [BIOL 310, 311, 410, 411] (6 credits maximum for the major or minor)
Animal Behavior  [BIOL 326]
Forensic Science [BIOL 328]
Independent Study [BIOL 360, 460] (3 credits maximum for the major or minor)
Biology Internship [BIOL 375, 475] (3 credits maximum for the major or minor)
Neurobiology [BIOL 405]
Marine Biology [BIOL 409]
Tissue Culture [BIOL 416}
Immunology [BIOL 426]

All biology majors and minors are strongly encouraged to participate in Internship and/or Research.