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Requirements for the major in Accounting (B.S. Degree):  Accounting majors must complete 39 credits in the Core Business Requirements, 27 credits in the Professional Accountancy Component, and an internship in accounting.

The Core Business Requirements for Accounting majors includes: Principles of Management (BUSN 105), Principles of Marketing (BUSN 106), Macroeconomics (ECON 130), Quantitative Methods (BUSN 300), Fundamentals of Information Systems I (BUSN 303), Business Law I (BUSN 301), Business Law II (BUSN 302), Operations: Methods and Systems (BUSN 316), Principles of Finance (BUSN 317), Human Resource Strategy (BUSN 318), International Business (BUSN 309), and Business Strategy (BUSN 400). Accounting majors must also take Effective Speech (COMM 205).

The Professional Accountancy Requirements for Accounting majors include: Financial Accounting (BUSN 205), Managerial Accounting (BUSN 207), Intermediate Accounting I (BUSN 313), Intermediate Accounting II (BUSN 314), Income Taxation (BUSN 411), Cost Accounting (BUSN 412), Auditing Theory and Practice (ACCT 450), Advanced Accounting (ACCT 451), Accounting Research (ACCT 460), and Accounting Internship (ACCT 475).

NOTE: In completing the College’s Core Curriculum requirements in Liberal Arts,
Accounting majors must take Core: Microeconomics (ECON 120), Computational Math with Spreadsheets (MATH 107), Introduction to Statistics (MATH 118), and Business Ethics (INTG 346).

Grade Requirements. Majors and minors must obtain a minimum grade of “C” in all required Accounting, Business and Economics courses. The grade requirement for the three required cognate courses in the business and accounting majors (COMM 205, MATH 107, and MATH 118) is a C average overall.

Credit Requirements for Participating in the Graduation Ceremony:  In order to participate in the May graduation ceremony, students must have completed ALL requirements for their respective degrees, i.e., 120 credits for the B.A. Degree and 126 credits for the B.S. Degree. Only the Dean of the Undergraduate College can grant exemptions to this policy.