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Course Description
RELS 208 CORE: THE LIFE OF FAITH. A critical and in-depth study of fundamental dimensions of religious experience common to a wide diversity of faiths.
This includes reflection upon the responsibility of the individual to and for the community of other people and nature.
3 credits

RELS 211 JUDAISM: FAITH AND HISTORY.A study of the Jewish People as they evolved through many ages; how the major historical events affected them as a people, in their theology, and in their religious practices and beliefs.
3 credits

RELS 215 INTRODUCTION TO THE EASTERN RELIGIONS. A survey of the major Eastern religions, opportunities afforded for visits to Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic
and other religious centers, institutions and monasteries in the New York area.
3 credits

RELS 295 INTRODUCTION TO SPIRITUALITY. A look at self-development within a religious context, the journey of an emphasis on the self into the sacred,
spiritual methods and as traditions of Christianity and other religions; readings and discussions of significant spiritual texts.
3 credits

RELS 305 UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE. What is the Bible; texts, authorship,
literary forms, transmission through manuscripts and translation, the ecumenical Bible canon. How to read the Bible; history of interpretation hermeneutics and the new
hermeneutic experience of the Bible.  
3 credits

RELS 313 CHRISTIAN BELIEF. An exploration of the major beliefs of the Christian
faith tradition emphasizing the interconnections among the symbols of creation, fall,
salvation, and consummation. Emphasis will be placed on contemporary theological
interpretations of these symbols.  
3 credits

RELS 327 MODERN CATHOLIC THINKERS. A study of Catholic faith and
experience in the light of modern thought. Examples of innovative Catholic thinkers of
this century such as Merton, Rahner, Daly,Teilhard de Chardin, Kung, Sobrino, Ruether
will be examined.  
3 credits

RELS 350 THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. An introduction to the history, distinctive doctrines and practices, structure, and contemporary controversial issues of the single largest Christian church. Emphasis will be placed on comparing and contrasting the values of this tradition with those prevalent in contemporary society.
3 credits

RELS 410 DEATH AS A FACT OF LIFE. An examination of the religious, legal, medical, and psychological questions concerning death. Reflections on the moral
aspects of such issues as care of the dying and bereaved, cessation of treatment, euthanasia, suicide, and the hope of life after death.
3 credits

RELS 416 SAINTS: YESTERDAY AND TODAY. The course examines the function of holy men and women both within their religious traditions and more especially in
their ethical perspectives on the contemporary world.  Included will be a study of the cult of the saints, hagiography, and “Saints” in our own times.
3 credits

RELS 420 BELIEF AND UNBELIEF. A critical analysis of the historical, philosophical, scientific, and religious roots of contemporary atheism and agnosticism.
It will include an in-depth critical analysis of the various reasons why people do and do
not believe in God.   
3 credits

RELS 429 EVIL, SUFFERING, AND GOD. A critical study of perhaps the most poignant of all religious issues: the “Problem of Evil”, or “How can a good God allow
suffering and evil?” A variety of responses to this question from several major religious and philosophical traditions will be examined and brought to bear upon contemporary
problems such as the Holocaust, AIDS, world hunger, abortion, euthanasia, etc.
3 credits

RELS 430 CONTEMPORARY MORAL ISSUES. A theological and ethical investigation of selected moral problems of our time such as truth in government, violence, economic injustice and racism. Student participation and discussion of additional moral issues.   
3 credits

RELS 435 CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE. The concept and development of human love. Scriptural, sacramental, and ethical considerations in marriage and sexuality. The problems of sexual relationships, contraception, abortion and other topics are considered in the light of Judeo-Christian theology, other religious traditions and the social sciences.
3 credits

RELS 370, 470 TOPICS IN RELIGION. In-depth investigation of particular areas of religion occasioned by contemporary major events or controversies within religion and/or the availability of experts in a particular field. Each Spring the 470 course will be conducted in a seminar fashion for the sake of the Religion majors. Detailed course descriptions will be available in the Department at the time of registration.
3,3 credits

RELS 460, 461 INDEPENDENT STUDY.      3,3 credits

See also the section on Senior Integrated Course, all of which integrate religion with other discipline, e.g. SCIENCE AND RELIGION.