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Religious Studies
The program critically examines the feelings, ideas, rituals, values, ethics, patterns of community, and history of the major religious traditions of the world. The discipline employs various methodologies in addition to the purely theological: historical, psychological, philosophical, and sociological. There is an emphasis upon showing the
existential impact of these various aspects of religion, i.e., how they concretely affect the lives of believers. This, in turn, becomes the occasion for students to reflect upon
their own experiences and values.

1.  Core Curriculum Requirements: All students must take RELS 208 as one of the foundation courses in the Core Curriculum. The course will be taken in sophomore year and is paired with the core course in Philosophy.
2.  All students must take either a) the Senior Level Integrated course which integrates religion with some other discipline or b) an elective course in religion from a menu to be designated by the department.

Electives: Students are encouraged to elect any course in Religious Studies any time after their first course, RELS 208.