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Sample Program
B.A. in Spanish
Year 1
ENGL 109 Literature: Visions and Values
PSYC 204 Core: Introduction to Psychology
ART 210 Core: The Arts Experience
HIST 214 Core: The Shaping of the Modern World
ENGL 115 Writing for College
SPAN 209 Speaking Spanish, or SPAN 217 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I
SPAN 210 Writing Spanish, or SPAN 218 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II
BIOL 101 Concepts of Biology
CMPT 114 Computers and their Uses
Elective 3 credits

Year 2
ECON 110 Core: Economics
SOC 101 Core: Sociology
PHIL212 Core: The Life of Reason
RELS 208 Core: The Life of Faith
CHEM 100 Core: Foundations of Chemistry
MATH 102 Modern Mathematics
SPAN 307 Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPAN 350 Masterworks in Spanish I
Electives 6 credits

Year 3
ENGL 320 World Literature
INTG 3XX Junior level Integrated course
SPAN 351 Masterworks in Spanish II
SPAN Electives 9 credits
Electives 12 credits

Year 4
INTG 4XX Senior level Integrated course
SPAN Electives 6 credits at 400 level
Electives 21 credits

Total credits for Graduation: 120