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Sample Program
B.A. in French Studies
Year 1
ENGL 109 Literature: Visions and Values
PSYC 204 Core: Introduction to Psychology
ART 210 Core: The Arts Experience
HIST 214 Core: The Shaping of the Modern World
ENGL 115 Writing for College
FREN 209 Speaking French
FREN 210 Writing French
BIOL 101 Concepts of Biology
CMPT 114 Computers and their Uses
Elective 3 credits

Year 2
ECON 110 Core: Economics
SOC 101 Core: Sociology
PHIL212 Core: The Life of Reason
RELS 208 Core: The Life of Faith
CHEM 100 Core: Foundations of Chemistry
MATH 102 Modern Mathematics
FREN 307 Advanced Grammar and Composition
FREN 350 Introduction to French Literary Study
Electives 6 credits

Year 3
ENGL 320 World Literature
INTG 3XX Junior level Integrated course
FREN 340 French Civilization
FREN 342 The Francophone World: A Cultural Study
HIST/FINE ARTS/PHIL Electives 6 credits
Electives 12 credits

Year 4
INTG 4XX Senior level Integrated course
FREN/HIST/FINE ARTS/PHIL Electives 6 credits
Electives 21 credits

Total credits for Graduation: 120