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English as a Minor
The Department offers minors in English and in writing.  The minor in English gives students from other majors a means to strengthen their liberal arts background, critical
thinking, and communication skills with a combination of literature and writing courses.

The minor in writing is designed for those who wish to develop special competence in the use of the English language, including:

1 . students whose prospective job responsibilities require ability to convey ideas effectively in writing, e.g., lawyers, teachers, executives, administrators, supervisors, and public relations personnel;
2.  those who wish to develop their own writing talents specifically for careers as published authors or teachers of writing;
3.  those who plan to pursue advanced degrees involving written theses or dissertations.

The goal of the writing minor is to help students express ideas in writing with authority, purpose, and skill, by requiring them to:

1.  learn to conduct an inquiry based on data that will lead to a presentation in writing;
2.  assess information gained in research, interpret it logically, and reason to sound and defensible conclusions;
3.  reflect on how language functions in human society, and make informed and sensitive linguistic choices in the light of ethical and social values;
4.  explore through broad-based reading how other writers work, using language, form, and style in order to move their audiences;
5.  learn to do writing for audiences, reflecting the discourse communities of varied
     professions and of a multi-cultural society.