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The English program prepares students to have an impact on the modern world through their exercise of critical thinking, language skills, and reflection upon human values.  All courses in the program work to enhance student ability to speak and write effectively, read critically, and respond to written texts independently and with confidence.

Building on its commitment to value-oriented liberal arts education, the English major further enables students to:

1. value literature as art and form a sound basis for aesthetic judgments;
2. read and interpret literary texts in relation to political and cultural contexts;
3. deepen their understanding of American and British literary traditions, as well as the growing body of world literature in English; the shaping of language and the changing roles of writer and reader over time and across cultures;
4. research, analyze and present information and ideas persuasively to an audience, both orally and in writing.

Research, analysis, and presentation skills acquired in the major can be used in a variety of career settings, including government, law, business, counseling, broadcasting,
banking and retailing, as well as teaching, publishing, advertising and public relations. The major also provides strong preparation for professional graduate programs in
medicine, theology, and social welfare.

Students may choose one of three tracks in the major: professional, secondary education, or elementary education.  Within the professional track, they may also develop a concentration in writing.