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Sample Program
B.S. in Business Administration (126 credits)
Year 1
ENGL 109    Literature: Visions and Values
PSYC 103    Core: Introduction to Psychology
ENGL 115    Writing for College
ART 210    Core: The Arts Experience
HIST 214    Core: The Shaping of the Modern World
MFL XXX    Modern Foreign Language requirement (6 credits)
MATH 107   Computational Math with Spreadsheets
BUSN 105    Principles of Management
BUSN 106    Principles of Marketing
CMSV 101    The First-Year Experience

Year 2
ECON 120    Core: Microeconomic Principles
ECON 130    Macroeconomic Principles
SOC 101    Core: Sociology
PHIL 212    Core: The Life of Reason
RELS 208   Core: The Life of Faith
BIOL 101   Concepts of Biology
CHEM 100    Core: Foundations of Chemistry
BUSN 205 and 207  Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting
MATH 118    Introduction to Statistics

Year 3
ENGL 320    World Literature
INTG 346    Business Ethics
COMM 205    Effective Speech
BUSN  301, 302   Business Law I and II
BUSN 300    Quantitative Methods
BUSN 303    Fundamentals of Information Systems I
BUSN 317    Principles of Finance
Concentration    6 credits
Elective course   3 credits

Year 4
INTG 4XX    Senior level Integrated course
BUSN 305    Operations: Methods and Systems
BUSN 309   International Business (WE)
BUSN 318    Human Resource Strategy   
BUSN 400    Business Strategy
Concentration    6 credits
BUSN 375,475   Internship
Elective courses  9 credits