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Sample Program
B.A. in Business (120 credits)
Year 1
ENGL 109    Literature: Visions and Values
PSYC 103    Core: Introduction to Psychology
ENGL 115    Writing for College
ART 210    Core: The Arts Experience
HIST 214    Core: The Shaping of the Modern World
MFL XXX   Modern Foreign Language requirement
BUSN 105    Principles of Management
BUSN 106    Principles of Marketing
CMSV 101    The First-Year Experience
Elective course  6 credits

Year 2
ECON 120    Core: Microeconomic Principles
ECON 130    Macroeconomic Principles
SOC 101    Core: Sociology
PHIL 212    Core: The Life of Reason
RELS 208   Core: The Life of Faith
BIOL 101   Concepts of Biology
CHEM 100    Core: Foundations of Chemistry
BUSN 205   Financial Accounting
MATH 107   Computational Math with Spreadsheets
Elective course  3 credits

Year 3
ENGL 320    World Literature
INTG 346    Business Ethics
MATH 118    Introduction to Statistics
BUSN 301 and 302   Business Law I
BUSN 300    Quantitative Methods for Economic and Business Analysis
BUSN 317    Principles of Finance 
Elective courses  12 credits

Year 4
INTG 4XX    Senior level Integrated course
BUSN 305    Operations: Methods and Systems
BUSN 303    Fundamentals of Information Systems I
BUSN 318    Human Resource Strategy
BUSN 309    International Business
BUSN 400    Business Strategy
Elective courses  12 credits