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History Major
History Minor
Political Sciene Minor

Core Curriculum Requirement: All students must take HIST 214. This course is taken in the first year and is paired with the core course in fine arts.

Required for History Majors
Thirty credits in History including 210 or 211 and 214; at least six credits in each area of study - European, American, and non-Western; and the senior colloquium (HIST 496). History majors in secondary education are required to take either Sociology 202 (Introduction to Cultural Anthropology) or Sociology 204 (Introduction to Urban Anthropology).

At the end of sophomore year, the history major, in consultation with a member of the history faculty, will design an individual course of study for the junior and senior years. During the next three semesters the student will concentrate in each of the major specialties: European, American, or Non-Western, registering for at least six credits in each area. At this time, the student will choose a period, issue or historical figure for in-depth study in the senior colloquium. The topic selected will be explored through directed research and will involve the preparation of oral reports and a thesis in either semester of senior year.

Requirements for the Minor in History
The minor is 18 credits in history courses including HIST 214 and 1 course from each of the following areas: European, American and non-Western, selected in consultation with the Coordinator for the Minor in History.

Requirements for the Minor in Political Science
The minor in Political Science is 18 course credits, at least one of which must be a History course. At least one course must be taken in two of the other eligible disciplines, which include Business, Economics, Communications, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Sociology, and Integrated Classes, with at least 4 courses at the 300/400 level. The minor contract should be approved by the Coordinator of the Minor in Political Science and signed no later than the start of the first semester of the junior year.

Grade Requirements
Majors, minors and Liberal Arts majors choosing History as part of that major must attain a minimum grade of “C” in all history/required courses.

Phi Alpha Theta (the national history honor society) membership is open to qualified students.