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Core: The Shaping of the Modern World

Pre-Modern World
Classical Civilizations
Eastern Roman Empire
Medieval History

European History
Europe, 1550-1700: French Monarchy, Politics and Society in Early Modern Europe
Europe, 1700-1830: Age of Enlightenment and Revolutions
Europe, 1830-1914: Industrialization, Ideologies, Imperialism
Europe, 1914-1945: World Wars and the Holocaust
Europe, 1945-1995: From the Cold War to Democratic Revolutions
France under the Absolute Monarchy
Modern Irish Politics, North and South
Twentieth Century Dictators
Women in 20th Century Europe
History of Russia
Modern Italy

History of the United States
U.S.: Colonies to the American Civil War
U.S.: Civil War to the Present
U.S.: Reconstruction to the Progressive Era
U.S.: Roaring Twenties to World War II
America in the 1960’s
History of New York City
Women in American History
U.S. Role in Vietnam, 1940-1975

Non-Western and Latin American
Colonial Latin America
Colonialism in Africa and Asia
Modern Latin America
Modern Asia
Modern Africa
U.S. Role in Vietnam, 1940-1975
Contemporary Middle East
International Terrorism