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Internship Experiences
                   New YorkStock Exchange
Nitin Bassi, Communication / Marketing Intern, Fall 2008 
Being a student at the Mount, I, Nitin Bassi, was able to have an opportunity to be at the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. This was a great chance for me to use my skills, which I learned at Mount, at a work place. “Internship is the right way to start a career” this statement was unclear until I stepped at the exchange.

Major things I have learned:
Communication is the Key to Success
Asking Right Questions at the Right Time

Steps to success:

1st step: Punctuality- students should always be on time, regardless of how flexible the supervisor is.

2nd step: Networking- can’t emphasis enough on how important networking is in the business field.

3rd step: Professional Attitude- very important in the competitive world today.

Personal thanks to:

Dr. Natalia V. Smirnova, my advisor, she has guided me through getting the internship and helped me explore new concepts in my career.

Career Development Center helped me prepare for the hard tasks for the internship.

My Parents encouraged me to learn new things and take new opportunities in life.


                     Deutsche Bank

Heather Gostomski, Intern in the Cash and Trade Operations, Summer 2008

Talent Acquisition at US Cash Operations - The Completed Square

Ordinarily the Bank recruits from a number of targeted schools and organizations for its summer internship and graduate trainee programs. Russell Fitzgibbons, the Head of US Cash Operations & Strategic Initiatives, went "outside the box", and took another approach to bring on an intern. He invited a student from the College of Mount Saint Vincent for an internship at Deutsche Bank. Carol Balthrope-Stockton, Cash & Trade Operations Training Manager, asked Heather Gostomski about her experiences in US Cash Operations.

l.t.r.: HVP managers - Desmond Wint, Colin Roberts, Edward Karczewski, Priyanka Pandey, Avril Prince, Heather Gostomski, Michael Lavin, Susan Abend, Ravi Nair, Carol Balthrope-Stockton and Edward Delia.


I had the opportunity to work with Heather Gostomski, a student from the College of Mount Saint Vincent, during this past summer. We brought Heather on as a summer intern in what was a unique situation. Russell Fitzgibbons, the Head of US Cash Operations & Strategic Initiatives, invited a student from the College of Mount Saint Vincent to visit Deutsche Bank for a tour in April. I asked Heather Gostomski to share her experience: “Deutsche Bank epitomizes its complete square logo by bringing community and business together. Since 1870 when the first bank opened, DB has always looked at the big picture. The Deutsche Bank logo, containing a slash across the middle, is a symbol of consistent growth and dynamic development. The square surrounding the slash represents a secure and controlled environment. Through the complete square, not only does the community benefit from DB’s generosity, but so does the bank as it brings community and business together full square.

One side of the square in the logo signifies the bank and its commitment to a partnership with the community. A partnership and Deutsche Bank developed when the students of The College of Mount Saint Vincent were invited to tour Deutsche Bank in Jersey City to see the business world first hand. Meeting with managers and employees during a tour and gathering information in each area of US Cash and Trade Operations, was an eye opener. Seeing the bank at work and meeting with Russell Fitzgibbons (Head of US Cash Operations & Strategic Initiatives), Vito Sabatelli (Head of High Value Payments), and a select few Graduate Trainees for a question and answer session provided us with information to realign our career goals.

Another side to this square is the effort by Carol Balthrope-Stockton as an exemplary liaison between the community and Deutsche Bank. By arranging the visit for The College of Mount Saint Vincent business students, Carol Balthrope-Stockton reached out to the community and thus enlightened business students as to the numerous career opportunities available in the banking world. As an outcome of the tour, an internship was arranged so a student from the college could experience directly what it is like to work in a bank. A round table discussion was arranged with Russell Fitzgibbons and graduate trainees to informally shed light on the goals of the group which further facilitated the communication between the interns, trainees, and management. Thus another side of the square comes together for Deutsche Bank and the community.

The third part of the square emerges as student from The College of Mount Saint Vincent is brought on board by Deutsche Bank as a summer intern. Being assigned to work under Edward DeLia and other members of the US Cash Operations was an incredibly valuable experience for me. I was introduced to each part of the US Cash & Trade Operations and was included in each of my projects from the beginning thanks to Edward DeLia. Participating in conference calls and meetings permitted me to see the big picture when even the smallest task was a step toward the completion of a group goal or project. The Graduate Trainees also helped with the adjustment from school to the work place, taking me in as a part of their close knit group.  Working with Risk Management, I created a utility for recording and tracking complaints according to the recently revised DB Policy. Also, I had the opportunity to work with other managers to develop a systems issue report by contacting various parties to discover the impacts, descriptions, and root causes of system outages. In addition, I created a graphical analysis for MT Network Operations for MTNA to present to the manufacturer. With the occurrence of fraud in competing banks, I developed a questionnaire to attempt to gauge how quickly Cash and Trade Operations would be able to identify and react to fraud. Another part of risk management is self assessing risk for internal audits to make sure groups are following procedures and update any changes. I had the opportunity to observe the self assessment process for various groups of the US High Value Payment Operations. In the final week of my internship, my efforts were culminated into a presentation to share my experience, achievements, and the benefits brought to Deutsche Bank with the management team during a feedback session including Senior Manager, Vito Sabatelli.  As a student, I will be forever grateful for being given the opportunity of a life time to work at Deutsche Bank. Participating in this valuable experience helped me perfect my business and leadership skills in so many ways. This real world experience could never be reproduced in the classroom. Hopefully, the experience has been as positive and productive for Deutsche Bank and a partnership with non-target schools can continue in the years to come. Deutsche Bank has come “Full Square” in its commitment to its logo.”

Carol Balthrope-Stockton
Cash & Trade Operations Training