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New Programs Introduced
Starting this fall the College is expanding its academic scope by offering new programs that build on the strength of existing programs while enhancing opportunities for our students. French Studies and Accounting will be offered as majors, while International Studies and Women’s Studies will be offered as minors.  The Accounting program will include the option for students to earn a combined five-year MBA, a highly desirable option for students seeking to make their way in today’s competitive market.

Through the Department of Business and Economics, students will now be able to receive a B.S. in Accounting.  Opportunities to work in fields such as management consulting, finance and financial management abound for accounting grads.  The department will also offer a five-year graduate/CPA program. Students who graduate in the five-year program will earn their B.S. in Accounting, an MBA, and will be eligible (with the accumulation of 150 credit hours) to sit for the CPA exam.

While a major in French is not new to Mount Saint Vincent (Corazon Aquino, former President of the Philippines graduated in 1953 with a degree in French), the major was recently revamped for students to study not only the language but also French literature, fine arts, history, and philosophy/religion. Through the major’s interdisciplinary curriculum, students are able to study economics, social and political history, and broaden their knowledge of science or business. This will be especially important for those who are interested in going into fields such as international affairs, commerce, or government. The program emphasizes the importance of communication between cultures and multi-lingual competency - indispensable tools for operating in areas which involve contact with foreign cultures.

Internationalization has become a dominant feature of modern life. The minor in International Studies prepares students for this new paradigm.  The new multi-disciplinary minor exposes students to global issues in economics, art, social and political history, literature, and a foreign language of their choice. The International Studies Minor broadens the knowledge base of students wishing to pursue a graduate education in law or in international studies, as well as those who wish to obtain careers in international affairs, business, government, non-governmental organizations or international organizations. 

The minor in Women’s Studies is an exciting program. Over the years, women’s societal roles and their civil rights have continually evolved. In fact, no where is the history of women’s achievements and contributions more evident than at the Mount.  The minor will explore women’s history, focusing on the first, second, and third waves of feminism and how these movements impact women today. It will look at the women’s contributions to abolitionism, the Civil Rights Movement, and current issues such as globalization, poverty, and race. 

The minor is designed to complement and enhance any student’s major field of study.  Said Dr. Heather Alumbaugh, one of the program directors, "On a campus where the majority of students are women, founded by the extraordinary women in the Sisters of Charity, and in a country where women are increasingly playing important political roles, we thought it important to encourage our students to think about women's issues across the different disciplines.”

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