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Student Conduct, Government and Security
The Student Code of Conduct which is found in the Student Handbook and online is intended to ensure that students and organizations conduct themselves in accordance with the values of the College.  The codes establish the expectations of student conduct and the fair process for determining responsibility when those expectations have been breached.  

The Student Government plays an active role in student life.  Organized into three branches, the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, members are elected by full-time students and serve as the official voice of the student body.  In addition to providing funding to student clubs and sponsoring programs through its allocations of student activity fees, Student Government serves as the official link between students and the administration, working hard to ensure that the voices of students are heard and that the channels of communication are open.

The College is committed to providing a safe and secure campus.  Campus security officers provide patrols and service 24 hours a day.  Vehicular access to the campus is limited to one entrance with 24-hour security protection.  Residence hall entrances are patrolled round-the-clock by resident hall receptionists and security officers; resident students are required to sign in and escort each guest.  In compliance with the Clery Act, an annual security report, including statistics on reported crimes on campus for the previous three years, is made available to all students and employees and to any interested parties upon request.  If necessary, the College is prepared to activate its Emergency Response Management Plan.