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Scholastic Honors
The Honors Program at the College of Mount Saint Vincent provides our most competent and motivated students with a stimulating environment in which to maximize their intellectual and personal development.  The Honors Curriculum is designed to challenge students through all four years of their undergraduate experience while ensuring that they are exposed to academic experiences that fit the mission of the College.  The Honors Curriculum combines unique Honors Courses with select elements of the traditional core curriculum for a baccalaureate degree.  With fewer requirements than the traditional core curriculum, the Honors Program allows students greater freedom to develop an educational experience suited to their academic and intellectual interests and may be completed while pursuing any of the majors offered by the College.  The program’s features include small classes and innovative teaching methods (seminars, group projects, individual mentoring, field trips).   Incoming full-time freshmen with outstanding academic backgrounds, and full-time first term freshmen who earn a GPA above 3.5, are invited to apply.
Honors Core Curriculum

 Freshman  Freshman Honors Seminar   3 credits   
   Freshman Writing         3 credits
   Freshman Honors Thematic course       6 credits

 Sophomore  Sophomore Honors Thematic course  6 credits 
   (The following core courses are to be completed by the end of the junior year)   
   2 Natural Science courses   6 credits
   Mathematics  3 credits
   2 Foreign Language courses   6 credits
   Religious Studies course  3 credits
 Junior  World Literature  3 credits
   Junior Honors Seminar  3 credits
 Senior  Senior Integrated Course involving Religious Studies  3 credits
   Honors Senior Thesis (independent study)  3 credits
   Total   48 credits
Delta Epsilon Sigma National Honor Society:  Membership in this society is
accorded to students with an overall grade index of 3.6 or better and no failures.
Students are eligible to become members when they have completed at least half of
their credit requirements for a baccalaureate degree. Transfer students must have
completed at least one-half of their total credits at the College of Mount Saint Vincent with an index of 3.6 or better to be eligible.

Academic Honor Roll:  The Academic Honor Roll is a record of students registered for
at least 12 credits per semester, who have earned an index of 3.5 in the previous semester. Students who have earned this distinction in both semesters of the academic year are acknowledged at the annual Honors Convocation.

A part-time student is acknowledged at the annual Honors Convocation:
• if the student maintains a 3.5 index for the first 30 credits taken at the College
 completed by the end of the Spring semester.
• if, for course work beyond the first 30 credits, the student achieves a 3.5 index
 for a minimum of 24 credits taken between the May Intersession and the
 following Spring semester.
if, upon completion of all CMSV coursework, the student maintains a 3.5 index.