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Routes of Study
Students with demonstrated proficiency in specific areas may work individually on a research project planned in consultation with a supervising professor. Independent
Study, a mutual agreement between student and faculty member, cannot duplicate a course offered in the College catalogue.

To be eligible for independent study, a student must be a junior or senior with a minimum cumulative index of 3.0 and must be a major in the subject area of the
independent study or have earned at least 15 credits in that subject area.  The Independent Study Contract must be presented at registration with the approval of the chairperson, faculty member, and Vice President of Academic Affairs. It will be void if a course outline is not submitted to the faculty member by the first week of the semester.  Independent study must result in production of a research paper and/or project.

Credit for courses taken at other accredited institutions by College of Mount Saint Vincent matriculated students will be recognized only if: they are compatible with the College’s curriculum, written permission is received in advance from the Director of Academic Advisement, and the grade received in that course is a “C” or better. The fee for courses taken at other institutions is $50 per course. Grades earned at other institutions will not become part of the student’s cumulative index.

Nursing courses may not be repeated at another institution.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs may require students to attend a College summer session if their scholastic record is below the accepted minimum or certain
required courses or prerequisites must be repeated.

The College of Mount Saint Vincent participates in the College Level Examination Program of the College Entrance Examination Board. Prospective Freshmen, transfer students, and Adult and Continuing Education students who have taken proficiency tests through these programs must request credit at the time they apply for admission to the College.

An official report of examination scores from the College Entrance Examination Board must be submitted to the College as early as possible. Credit will generally be granted for scores greater than or equal to theACE recommended cutoff scores when the material of the examination corresponds tothe scope of the appropriate prescribed or elective course in the College curriculum. Any additional College of Mount Saint Vincent departmental requirements must be met before credit is granted.

Students may earn up to 18 credits through examination. Credits earned through these programs shall be so indicated on the official transcript. The College also reserves the
right to re-evaluate credits offered by transfer students who previously received credit by examination from other colleges.

Students who are attending or who have been accepted for entrance into the College and who wish to take a proficiency examination must have the approval of the Vice
President for Academic Affairs (adult students need the approval of the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Continuing Education) and the chairperson of the department concerned. Interested students apply to:

College Level Examination Program
Box 6600, Princeton, NJ 08540

Students who plan to do graduate work should maintain a 3.0 index in at least two-thirds
of the work done in their major. Please consult the Graduate Catalogue for the requirements for a Master’s degree.

The College grants credit for certain non-collegiate learning which has been assessed by the New York Regents National Program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction. The only credits accepted are those based on recommendations which are published annually in the Directory of College Credit Recommendations of PONSI.

Students who have successfully taken one or more of the Advanced Placement Tests of the College Entrance Examination Board must specifically request advanced placement and/or credit. Scores of 3, 4, or 5 are required for such action. The decision to grant advanced placement and/or credit is based on such factors as the Advanced Placement’s equivalence to the content of courses in the College’s curricula and the applicability of the area of advanced study to the prescribed or elective requirements of the program. No grades are assigned to courses credited. At times, students with an Advanced Placement score of 3 who intend to major in the area where they have taken an Advanced Placement course will be advised to repeat the College’s course.

Although the College participates in numerous foreign study programs normally limited to Junior year and the Fall semester of Senior year. Students should consult the Chairperson of their major department for specific requirements. To be eligible for study abroad, an index of 2.7 and the approval of the department chairperson and the Director of Academic Advisement are required.

Financial Aid for Study Abroad Programs: Enrollment in a program of study that is approved for credit by the College may be considered enrollment in the College for
purposes of a student applying for federal student financial assistance.

Students who wish to spend a semester or a year at Mount Saint Vincent are welcome. Applicants should contact the Office of Academic Advisement.