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Amir Niknejad
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., University of Illinois

M.S., Claremont Graduate School


  • MATH 119 Core: Statistics
  • MATH 132 Calculus II
  • MATH 341 Abstract Algebra I
Research Areas
Modeling gene expression data, from DNA microarrays.
Analysis of gene regulatory network.

Modeling Protein-Protein interactions network and its evolution.

A simultaneous reconstruction of missing data in DNA microarrays, S. Friedland, A. Niknejad and L. Chihara, Linear Algebra and its Applications, 2006, Vol. 416, No.1, pp.8-28.

An Algorithm for Missing Value Estimation in DNA Microarrays, S.Friedland, A. Niknejad, M. Kaveh, H. Zare, Proceedings of IEEE, ICASSP, 2006.

Fast Monte-Carlo low rank approximation for matrices. S. Friedland, A. Niknejad, M. Kaveh and H. Zare, Proceedings of IEEE, SOSE, 2006, pp. 218-223.

DNA Sequence Representation without Degeneracy. S S. -T. Yau, J.Wang, A. Niknejad, C. Lu, N. Jin, and Y-K.Ho, Nucl. Acids Res, 2003, Vol. 31, pp. 3078-3080.

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