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Tuition and Fees
Tuition and Fees
(For Academic Year 2008-2009)
The uncertainty of present day costs makes it necessary for the College to reserve the
right to raise the charges listed below whenever necessary. In applying for admission,
students and their families should anticipate future annual increases.
Bills are payable prior to each semester and are due to be paid approximately one month
before classes for the semester commence.

Tuition & Fees - Undergraduate College 2009 - 2010

Academic Year  2009 – 2010
Effective July 1, 2009




 Fall 2009

 Spring 2010





 Room & Board

 $  9,900

 $  4,950

 $ 4,950

 Room & Board - Single




 Per credit hour, undegraduate


 15+ Fee, per credit (per credit over 15 credits per semester)


General Fees (per semester):

 Technology Fee


 Part-Time (fewer than 12 credits)

 $100 per term

 Full-Time (minimum 12 credits)

 $200 per term



 Student Activity Fee


 All full-time students

 $175 per term


 Academic Support Services (Full Time)

 $280 per term

 Academic Support Services (Part Time) 0-3 Credits

 $150 per term

Special Fees:

 Acceptance Deposit (credited toward first tuition bill; non-refundable)


 Application Fee (at entrance only; non-refundable)


 Add/Drop Fee


 Damage Deposit (at beginning of residence and must be maintained during residency; refundable minus damages)


 Duplicate Diploma


 Graduation Fee (seniors)


 Late Tuition Payment (per month)


 Late Registration


 Maintenance of Matriculation (per semester)


 Nursing - R.N. (per clinical course)


 Orientation Welcome Weekend (freshman only)


 Registration Cancellation Fee


 Reinstatement Fee


 Replacement student ID


 Returned Check Fee


 Room Reservation (non-refundable, but deductible)


 Transcript Fee - 10 business days


                          2-3 business days


                          same day before 3:00 p.m. 




Health Insurance (2007-2008)









Health Insurance (Spring 2008 only)









*Health insurance is waivable if proof was provided by August 5, 2009

*Effective 2009 Fall Semester

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I. Regular Payment Plan Room and Board. The payment for the Fall semester is due on or about August 4th; payment for the Spring semester is due on or about January 4th.
II. Deferred Payment Plan Payment Plans are available through Tuition Management Systems which offers various plans. For more information, call 1 (800) 722-4867 x785.
Full tuition covers a total of 30 credits for the Fall and Spring semesters. This tuition does not cover intersession or summer sessions. Credits in excess of 30 per year incur additional charges at the annual per credit rate. Supplementary bills for excess credits are issued during the Spring semester.

Students will not receive transcripts or diplomas until all bills and fines are paid. Unpaid bills may be sent to a collection agency for resolution. Students may be subject to
additional fees and charges if a balance must be handled by a collection agency.

The average cost of a program in the College is $500 per year. This includes required texts, manuals and supplies. Lab and studio fees are additional charges.

For Nursing Program Only: The junior and senior years of the nursing major are estimated to be approximately $2,000 per year to cover the cost of program fee, textbooks, manuals, lab coats and other clinical attire, special equipment such as stethoscopes, transportation to and from clinical facilities, and yearly physical examination, screening, and immunizations.

Nursing majors are required to carry Nursing Liability Insurance. A $300 fee per semester covers the cost of the Nursing Liability Insurance Policy and laboratory fees for junior and senior generic nursing majors in clinical courses. A $200.00 fee, per clinical course, is required of R.N. students. Junior and senior nursing students are required to carry private health insurance. Transportation to clinical facilities is the responsibility of the individual student.

A survey conducted among Mount Saint Vincent students indicates that the average amount spent on clothing, personal grooming products, recreation, etc. is $1,000 per
year. The range from $850 to $2,200 reflects the widely varied modes of living.

The termination date of refund credit shall be considered the day on which the College receives satisfactory written notification of withdrawal from the student. No refunds are made to a matriculated student for withdrawal from an individual course. Students who have excess credits will be charged for credits in courses from which they have
withdrawn. A student ordinarily can expect to receive a refund not later than the end of a 30-day period after the College has received official notification of withdrawal.  The following tuition refund schedule is applicable:

A. Regular Sessions Fall and Spring Terms Refund

1st Week of Classes       100%
2nd Week of Classes       80%
3rd Week of Classes       60%
4th Week of Classes       40%
5th Week of Classes and thereafter   -  No Refund

B. January Intersession & Summer Sessions Refund

Prior to first meeting of scheduled class -   100%
After first meeting of scheduled class   - No Refund

C. Special Sessions Refund

During the first class          100%
During the second class      80%
During the third class          60%
During the fourth class        40%
After fourth class        No refund

Room and Board will be refunded up to and including the fifth week of the semester on a per-diem basis according to the number of days the room was occupied. After the fifth week there is no refund. Students must inform the Office of Residence Life, in writing, if they are planning to withdraw from residency. 

There is no refund for students who are dismissed from residency as part of a disciplinary sanction.

Students who withdraw from residence or who change their on-campus residence without notifying the Director of Residence Life will be charged an appropriate administrative fee.