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A Primer For Paying For College
College to Hold Free Financial Aid Workshops for Community
2/25/2008 - Riverdale, NY— For many students and their families, understanding the financing options available to help pay for college, and navigating the financial aid process, are almost as challenging as getting into the college of their choice.  In an effort to help, the College of Mount Saint Vincent will hold a financial aid workshop for all students and families who plan to apply for the Free Application for Student Aid or “FAFSA”, regardless of whether they are interested in attending Mount Saint Vincent.

The workshop, which will run on Sunday, March 9, 2008, at 1:00 p.m. in the Maryvale Building on the college campus, is designed to help students and families understand the financial aid process and learn how to obtain loans, grants, and scholarships. Families will learn about the Tuition Management Budget Plan, and the various options available for making up the difference between tuition, room and board, and financial aid. In addition, it will help families identify possible student lenders that will be a good fit for their financial situation.

The College is inviting all students and their families to participate in the program. “To show our support for the local community, we will offer this workshop to all students and families, regardless of their interest in the College,” says Tim Nash, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid for the College of Mount Saint Vincent.  “We are basically sitting them in front of a computer and they will have assistance filling out the FAFSA line by line.”

Changes in the application process for FAFSA have been implemented this year, with the government mandating that it must be filled out online. Students and parents will need to get their PIN number before attending the workshop, by visiting  They should also bring their tax information with them to the workshop.

For more information about the workshop contact Tim Nash at 718-405-3268.

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