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Student Employment

On campus employment helps students develop professional work skills that will be valuable throughout their careers.  Working on campus helps develop communication, interpersonal, computer and customer service skills, all of which are indispensable in today’s work place. Students who demonstrate a solid work history and have made connections with employers who can serve as references will be better prepared for the job search after graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a job?
To complete an application for on-campus employment, please visit Human Resources in Founders Hall  322.
How many hours can I work?
Student employees may work a maximum of 12 hours per week and can work in only one Division of the College (ie: Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Business).  Because of the special schedules and needs in the Admission and Institutional Advancement areas, students may combine hours in these two divisions only.  

What papers do I need to complete? How do I get paid?

When you are hired, your supervisor will fill out a Student Hire Request Form. The Human Resources Office will have you complete the W-4 and I-9 and provide identification (either a passport OR a state issued I.D. PLUS social security card). All students are paid by direct deposit to a checking account. You will need to bring a voided check to Human Resources to set up the account. You may not begin hours until everything has been completed and you have been approved. 

How can I be sure I will do a good job?

Supervisors will instruct students about work duties and expectations and have them sign the Confidentiality Agreement.  You should also read Making a Success of Your On-Campus Job and Phone Etiquette Tips.

Will I be evaluated?
At the end of the employment period, your supervisor will complete and share with you an evaluation form.  This is an excellent  opportunity to learn about areas of strength and receive suggestions to improve performance.

Whom should I contact if I have questions?
Contact Idalis Diaz, the student employment coordinator in the Human Resources Office (Founders Hall, Room 322) or call (718) 405-3354) for questions about available jobs, the application process, and regarding payroll and employment forms. 


Student Employment Position Description Form (Complete and return to Idalis Diaz, Founders Hall, Room 322 )

Student Hire Request Form (This form must be completed with work supervisor and returned to Human Resources in Founders Hall, Room 322)

I-9 Form (Complete and return to Human Resources in Founders Hall, Room 322)

W4 Form (Complete and return to Human Resources in Founders Hall, Room 322)

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form (Complete and return to Human Resources in Founders Hall, Room 322)


Note: All of these forms must be completed to begin work and be paid.