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Do you have a Hold on your account?

Students with Holds will be prevented from registering for the next semester. Please see the following types of holds and contact the particular office(s) receive instructions for removing the holds: 

Admissions Hold
Admissions holds can only be released by the Office of Admissions. If you have an Admissions hold, please visit Admissions in the Fonthill Castle or call:

  • (718) 405-3428 
  • (718) 405-3224
Student Accounts (Bursar) Hold
Bursar holds can only be released by the Student Accounts (Bursar) Office. If you have a hold on your student account, please visit Student Accounts in Founders Hall 233 or call:
  • (718) 405-3297 
  • (718) 405-3298

Financial Aid Hold
Financial Aid Holds can only be released by the Office of Financial Aid. If you have a financial aid hold, please visit Financial Aid in the Fonthill Castle or call:

  • (718) 405-3338
  • (718) 405-3288
  • (718) 405-3271

Library Hold
Library holds can only be removed by the Library. If you have library holds, please visit the Library’s main desk or call:

  • (718) 405-3394
Nurse Hold
Nurse Holds can only be released by the Health Office. If you have a health hold, please see the school nurse located in the Spellman Dorm. Check in at the front desk, leave your ID, and you will be directed upstairs. Walk to left and down the hall to Spellman 217 or call:  
  • (718) 405-3240
  • (718) 405-3472