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Graduation Information
Are you cleared to graduate?
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  • Please inform us of any transfer course that we may not know about, and review your degree requirements with the Registrar's Office in Founders Hall, Room 233.
  • Clear any financial obligations you may have (fines, tuition, parking tickets, fees, etc.) Balances must be cleared prior to graduation. No personal checks will be accpeted after the first week of May. To ensure your clearence, visit the Student Accounts Office in Founders Hall, Room 233 or it can hold your graduation.
  • If you have any outstanding student loans, or if you have a Federal Perkins loan, an exit interview package must be completed at the Office of Financial Aid on the 2nd floor of the Castle befor you may receive your diploma.
  • Should your plans to graduate change, please notify the Registrar's Office immediately.


Each candidate for graduation is personally responsible for obtaining clearance for graduation. You are urged to consult the Student Accounts Office to determine if you have met all academic and financial requirements in order to graduate.


If you have not been financially cleared, and have not yet done your Exit Interview, you must report to the designated offices to settle your account in order to be eligible for graduation. Only candidates with official College of Mount Saint Vincent clearance by the Registrar, Student Accounts Office, and the Financial Aid Office will be approved for graduation.

All debt to the college should be cleared by the first week of May (this includes money, library books, parking tickets, etc). Otherwise, the college policy requires that your diploma and the release of transcripts be withheld until the debt is cleared.

When clearing debts at the Student Accounts Office (Founders Hall, Room 233), be sure to identify yourself as a candidate for graduation so that the Associate Registrar in charge of graduation will be notified.

Your prompt attention to this matter is required. If you have any questions, please contact the offices listed below in the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.




Academic Completion Information

Financial Clearance

Exit Interview

Registrar's Office
(718) 405-3771
Founders Hall, Room 233

Xiomara Castro
(718) 405-3298

Rosanna Falcher
(718) 405-3297
Founders Hall, Room 233

Financial Aid
(718) 405-3289
Castle 2nd Floor