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Brad Crownover
Brad Crownover 2012 Assistant Professor of Communication
Ph.D., Rutgers University
M.S., Western Illinois University
B.S., Ohio University
Areas of Interest
  • Strategic/Promotional Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Theatre Studies and Performance Technique

  • COM 240 Acting I
  • COM 319: Public Relations
  • COM 324: Advertising
  • COM 343 Intro to Advertising
  • COM 351 Intercultural Communication
  • COM 409: Seminar
  • COM 413 Public Relations Project Management
  • COM 414: Advanced Advertising Strategies
  • COM 420: Advanced Public Relations
  • HNRS 101 Honors Freshman Seminar

Recent Publications
Connection Between Communication and Community: An Ethnographic Case Study of a Residential Support Facility for Latinos with HIV/AIDS, Dissertation

Student Organization Development: Application and Critique of Assessment Instruments, published by The National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs, Co-Authored with Michelle C. Howell, Mary Kay Schneider and Susan R. Komives, Ed.D

Vamos a Vivir: Two Ethnographic Case Studies of Social Interaction and Media Use in Small Communities of Mexican Men Living with HIV/AIDS, New Jersey Communication Association Conference, March 2004

La Manta de Mexico: The Mediating Role of the Mexican AIDS Quilt in the Production and Distribution of Health Messages, National Communication Association Convention, Miami Beach, 2003

La Casa: An Ethnographic Approach to Learning More About Daily Life and Artistic Expression from a Residential Community Living with HIV/AIDS, National Communication Association Convention, New Orleans, 2002

Remembering the Songs I Used to Sing: An Ethnographic Approach to Learning More About Disease in Older Adults, Eastern Communication Association Conference, New York City, April 2002

Educating Students: The Unpacking of Gay Representations and Stereotypes in Mainstream Culture, GLAAD Sponsored Research Project, National Communication Association Convention, Atlanta, 2001

Trends and Concerns Facing the Undergraduate Academic Advisor, Co-Presented, National Communication Association Convention, Atlanta, 2001