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About the Faculty
Vince Fitzgerald Dr. Vincent Fitzgerald
Chair and Associate Professor
  • Media coverage of political campaigns
  • The use of public opinion polls in political campaigns
  • Analyzing political debates
  • The media's effect on society and culture
Brad Crownover 2012 Dr. Brad Crownover
Assistant Professor of Communication 
  • Strategic/Promotional Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Theatre Studies and Performance Technique
Ted Kafala Dr. Ted Kafala
Associate Professor of Communication and Media
  • Computer arts/digital arts
  • Postproduction (editing, compositing, motion graphics)
  • Media effects/cinema studies
Guy Lometti Dr. Guy Lometti
Provost and Dean of Faculty, College of Mount Saint Vincent
Professor of Communication
  • Television and Social Behavior
  • Communication Theory and Research
  • Media Effects
  • Media Research
Cynthia Meyers Dr. Cynthia Meyers
Associate Professor of Communication
  • Television industry (past and present)
  • Advertising industry (past and present)
  • New media and evolving media business models   
Dr. Michelle Scollo
Assistant Professor of Communication
  • Ethnography of Communication
  • Cultural & Intercultural Communication
  • Media, Language & Social Interaction
  • Environmental Communication