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Model U.N.
College of Mount Saint Vincent
The College of Mount Saint Vincent Model U.N. is a forum for addressing global concerns in a real-world context. Students attend conferences that address important issues including regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, economic and social development, as well as the environment.

Recent Delegations
From October 3 to October 6, 2013, Mount students attended the eighth Model UN conference at Columbia University. Students participated in simulated crisis committees and represented members of the Myanmar Parliament of 2012, the Cortes de Cádiz, Spain of 1812, and the Nigerial Cabinet of 1966 among others. 
Adam Derouin '15 in UN Model Committee 2013
Adam Derouin '15 in U.N. Model Committee
Columbia University, Model U.N. 2013
CMUNNY Delegation Columbia University 2013
From left to right: Daniel Miguel '15, Adam Derouin '15, LeeAnn Brathwaite '14,
Adina Hasanovic '16, Victor Vazquez '16, Erika Pichardo '16, Caroline Abreu '15
Columbia University, Model U.N. 2013
The College of Mount Saint Vincent's Model U.N. club arrived on November 14, 2013, in Philadelphia to participate in the 47th annual Model U.N. conference. The Mount's team represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the General Assembly. In preparation for the conference, team members researched committee topics and wrote position papers for their respective committees.
UPenn CMSV Model U.N. Delegation 2013
From left to right: LeeAnn Brathwaite, Victor Vazquez, Caroline Abreu, Ideline Gomez '16,
Erika Pichardo, Katherine Moreira '15, Kiarabel Espinal '16
University of Pennsylvania, Model U.N. 2013
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