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Grades and Transcripts
SPCS & Graduate Programs

The College's grade scale:
A Excellent 4.0 D+
A- 3.67 D
B+ Very Good 3.33 D- 
B Minimum Grade Expected of a Graduate Student 3.00 P Passing 0
B- Passing, but below level expected of a Graduate Student 2.67 NC
No Credit 0
C+ 2.33 IP  In-Progress 0
C 2.0 Incomplete 0
C- Unacceptable 1.67 W Withdrew/Permission 0

A grade of Incomplete is used when, for reasons satisfactory to the instructor, certain course assignments remain outstanding. Work must be completed by the end of the following semester or the grade of Incomplete becomes an “F” on the transcript. Extensions of time for completion, based on compelling reasons, may be granted by the Chairperson or the Director of the Graduate Program.

In-Progress (IP grade) may be used only for completion of an acceptable Master’s project or thesis. The criteria for applying for an IP grade are available from the Director of the program.

Official and unofficial transcripts should be requested from the Registrar's Office, either in person or by mail. The Registrar's Office cannot comply with telephone requests. All obligations to the College must be fulfilled before transcripts will be issued. Click here for Transcript Requests.